Commercial Crime

While you look after your Customers and Employees, build systems to protect, we create a shield against dishonesty.

Commercial Crime Insurance Covers Major Covers
Deinon Commercial Crime Insurance

Commercial crime insurance covers a business against direct financial losses that arise as a result of theft and fraud by employees, computer fraud, loss due to a computer virus, electronic data loss, extortion, fraudulent transfer instructions or third-party impersonation fraud, among other things.

The Insurer shall indemnify the Insured for all Financial Loss and/or Property Loss sustained by any Insured as a direct result of any Criminal

Act, which is first Discovered during the Insurance Period.

The risks of crime have become increasingly global. The developments in technology ensure businesses are now more than ever, faced with not only an increased exposure to commercial crime but a huge variety of different ways coming through from many different ways. Thieves and fraudsters can include internal employees, external sources, or a combination of the two working together for their own personal gain.

Deinon Commercial Crime Insurance
  • Loss of money, security or other property of a customer (Care, custody &
  • Third party fraud
  • Client/Customer Direct Financial Loss
  • Fees, costs and expenses
  • Money and Securities – damage, destruction disappearance
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Legal Expenses
  • Loss of property
  • Reconstitution Costs
  • Control Group Clause
  • PR costs
  • Extortion
  • Counterfeit Currency Fraud
  • Cover for contractual penalties
  • Investigative Costs
  • Social Engineering Fraud

Factors to be considered while evaluating limits are

  • Contractual requirement.
  • Fund transfer (Internal & External)
  • Reserves & Surplus
  • Internal Processes and Controls
  • Loss History or Scenarios analysis
  • Authority matrix and processes in approving payments
  • Stocks and Physical Security
  • Digital transactions and E-commerce

The above is a brief information of the covers available under the Policy. Please request a copy of the Insurer’s Terms & Conditions of the policy which shall be binding and considered as the final basis for the settlement of any dispute.

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